August 2010 - Newsletter

Hi guys,

Hope you're having a great week (despite the very cold weather!). In this issue we explain why it's important to have a customised 404 error page on your website (don't worry, we also explain what a 404 error page is). We also have a special new referral scheme that we are rolling out just over the next two weeks - be sure to check this out! For a full list of the topics, see the contents below.

Also, stay tuned for our next newsletter where we'll give you some information on how to update the GST on your products online so you're ready for the inevitable GST increase in October.

 Hope you enjoy the read!

Custom 404 page: A simple way to improve results

It's pretty likely that every so often you will have users that land on a page on your website that doesn't exist. This can be due to your website visitors mistyping the URL, which is very common or they could have come through a broken link on your website. When this happens, they are directed to a standard '404 error' page that will tell them that the page is not found.

Typically 404 error pages are very unfriendly and also do not provide a lot of information. So it's safe to assume that people that end up on your 404 error page will go away and probably never come back - they are effectively lost opportunities.

Having a custom 404 page that is unique and gives your visitors all the right information will go a long way in keeping them on your website. It's one of the simplest steps you can take to improve the results from your website. This is one of the main reasons why some of the best websites have customised 404 error pages.

We've written a blog post with a few tips on designing a custom 404 page and also included a few examples to inspire you.

The Zeald Referral Blitz

At Zeald, we really work on building great win-win relationships with our clients and we also really value the word of mouth referrals from you guys. So for the next two weeks, we are running a special 'Zeald Referral Blitz' - we want you to really think of anyone you know that could benefit from our services, and for every meeting we get from you, we'll give you $50 in loyalty points which you can redeem on the Online Store. You can choose to use this to purchase a new add-on or even redeem it against your monthly fees! That's right - this is your chance to waive some of your monthly fees by simply getting us a meeting with anyone in your circle of friends, family or colleagues.

Plus, for any sale we make from your referral, we'll give you 5% of the total cost (this doesn't have a time limit). Thanks in advance!

Come join the Zeald customer community

You might already be familiar with the Zeald Make a suggestion forum where you can post & vote for ideas to improve our products & services.

But ...... we are now taking this Forum to the next level and have created an online community to help you achieve success by tapping into the combined knowledge of the Zeald community. You can access this by simply clicking on the 'Questions?' tab to the left hand side in the online help.

How we can help each other..

  • Ask questions
  • Ask for ideas
  • Share interesting articles
  • Share ideas
  • Share experiences
  • Share success stories
  • Share pretty much anything you think might benefit the rest of the community

Vote for interesting conversations. The questions Forum has a voting system so you can vote for a particular conversation if it has been really useful to you. The conversations with the highest number of votes will be featured at the top.

Earn Points for your contribution. You will be awarded points for your contribution which may be traded for Zeald goodies in the future.

To kick things off, we'd love for you to help us with this question...

'What would you like to know from us & other Zeald clients?'

We hope you enjoyed the read. If you have any feedback for us, don't forget to post it on our Learning Centre - we love hearing from you! If you have any friends or colleagues who could use our help, please do let us know, and don't forget to check out our Friends & Supporters Club!

Thanks and hope your week goes well,

The Team at Zeald