Zest Mesh Dashboard

We recently released a Dashboard for Mesh that allows clients, integration specialists and Zeald support team to quickly login and access important information for each Mesh connection. EG.

  • Current status
  • Error logs
  • Detailed reports of data transferred

The detailed logging & user interface simplifies the process of identifying issues, tracking down the cause and determining an appropriate resolution.

Clients/ integration specialists or the Zeald team can quickly access the Mesh dashboard via the Zest Dashboard.

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How to go to the Mesh Dashboard

  1. Go to your Zest admin page
  2. Click the 'Launch dashboard' to launch the Mesh Dashboard zest-mesh-CTA
  3. On the Mesh dashboard, you will see your active Mesh subscription mesh-dashboard

Mesh Dashboard

A high-level overview displays a list of events for each of the various sync operations. The list also highlights any outages.


The administrator can click on a specific event and drill into the various actions associated with the event. EG Create company, Create contact etc.


The administrator can check the various triggers associated with an event EG. When a new order is made.


An administrator is able to filter the data by date range to help them to find missing or problem events. In many cases, an integration error is reported by a client as “On this date, this information went missing, or “on this date Order xxx did not synch. This feature makes it quick and easy to find problem syncs


An administrator can drill right down into the action of each event and review the data or Payload that was transferred in the Sync.