August 2014 - Newsletter


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August 2014

One of the main challenges when managing a website, is knowing how to continuously tweak it, and where to start.

While there are many different areas of a website that you can focus on, this month we have concentrated our efforts on key ways to help you generate results.

Top articles of the month

Zeald Results Resource

Your one-stop results resource

Many Zeald clients want to know how they can continually improve their website to get better results. With that in mind, we have put together a resource that covers the key articles we have written about how to improve your results.

This is an article to bookmark!

Benefits of ecommerce customers

Habits of ecommerce customers that will increase your bottom line

Ecommerce customers can behave in interesting, sometimes irrational, ways. For example, they knowingly buy more to save more. As a business owner, these behaviours can be beneficial to you. 

Learn more about how you can benefit from your customers.

Improve your email marketing  Zeald

6 ways to increase the efficiency of your email marketing

Email marketing is an excellent tool to drive customers to your website. But first you need to get their attention so they open the email, and then provide a strong enough message to convince them. 

Read our 6 tips to generate better results from your email marketing.

Feature in Zeald marketing

This month, we wanted to show our support to our client, Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand. Some of our Zeald employees recently took part in the LBCNZ Corporate Stair Challenge at the SkyTower, raising over $1,800. If you would like to donate, please follow this link.  

We love seeing pictures of our clients, and being able to use them instead of stock photography is great. It's not only something that helps us, but also helps get your business in front of a brand new audience. If you'd like to appear in Zeald marketing, please send an email to 

Have you joined our Supporters Club? Read about the changes we have made and take advantage today!

handy hint: test your website

Concerned something on your website isn't working properly? Try signing out of your website, and logging in as a customer would. Open an incognito window, or a new browser in which you are not logged in. Then try to replicate the problem you were having.

For instance, if you are concerned customers are not getting order receipts, try placing a test order and see if you receive an email. If the same problems are still happening, call up our friendly support team, or send them an email. or 0508 932 748 ext 1