Changes to the design of your Zeald website

The WWW is a quick evolving world and website designs need to continually change to evolve with it.
We like to think of a website design as fluid, IE it is constantly changing. Website design should be thought of as an iterative process made up of many small changes.

As the website manager you should be making these small changes constantly to the content and the presentation of this content to continually improve the effectiveness of your website.

The Zeald content management system is very flexible and allows you to change the layout of the content for each page of your website.
It does not however allow you to change the design and look and feel of your website template.

In conjunction with the continual changes we also recommend that you perform a radical change to the design of your website every 12 - 24 months. This might be a simple fresh coat of paint or a complete overhaul.

We have a number of options available for you to make simple changes to the template of your website or completely overhaul the look and feel of your website.

For more details and for prices please see the Improve Design category of our Online store