Setup Measurement

  1. Setup Google Webmaster tools
    Submit sitemap, Track and measure the avg position, #impressions and #clicks for keywords from organic search. Monitor crawl errors and 404 page not found. (data for 30 days). Links to the website

    Verify that you are the owner of the site

  2. Share existing Adwords account (If you are currently running Adwords)
    Share with and provide admin access

  3. Obtain access to existing Google Analytics account or setup new account
    Establish the baseline of the conversions
    Share admin rights of existing Google Analytics account

  4. Setup conversion tracking in Google analytics
    Setup Enquiry Receipt tracking - Name = “Enquiry Receipt” Equal to - “/enquiryreceipt.html”
    Setup Contact us page load - Name = “Contactus Page Load” Equal to: “/Contact+Us.html”
    Test that your goals are tracking

  5. Setup ecommerce conversion tracking if relevant
    Simply turn it on under >Settings >View

  6. Turn on internal search tracking
    Under >Settings >View >View settings.  Turn site search settings on then add “q” to the Query parameter

  7. Create a new Analytics view “Clean view”
    Keep a backup of all your standard metrics
    Under Setting >View drop down >Select create new view. Set Reporting view name = “ - Clean View” Set time zone and set website address

  8. Filter irrelevant traffic - Such as Zeald IP address and common crawlers such as buttons for
    Go to google whats my ip address
    Go to settings, under account click all filters
    Add the ip address as a new filter
    Then add it to a view - under Settings > View > Filters

  9. Connect Webmaster tools to the Analytics account  
    To track the organic search position and keywords that are producing impressions and clicks.
    Under Admin >Property >All Products Click Add Webmaster Tools

  10. Connect Adwords to  your Google Analytics account
    To track the results of your pay per click advertising campaign.

    Under Admin >Property >All Products Click Add Adwords