March 2013 - Newsletter


Zeald Client Newsletter

Easter, daylight savings, end of the financial year: Can you believe it is March! In this newsletter you will find information about the changes Google has made over the last few years and how this affects SEO; plus you may have heard about content marketing, read about why you should get creative with your content.

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Is Penguin punishing your SEO?

To improve search results, Google started making big, noticeable changes back in 2011 with the Panda algorithm and again in 2012 with the Penguin algorithm, in an effort to punish those that were cheating the SEO system to get their results to the top of the page. 

Read on to find out more about Panda, Penguin and what it means for SEO.


Why content marketing is king

Back in 1996 Bill Gates wrote an article titled “Content is King”. Although ahead of his time, what he was essentially talking about was what we call content marketing. Quality content is what will get your business noticed and shared on the internet.

Read more about content marketing here.


Get a virtual tour of your business

Google Business Photos allows customers to get a look inside your business before they decide to visit you. Similar to the street view function on Google maps, Google business photos are made up of real pictures of your business, providing visitors with a 360 view of your location. 

Learn how to set this up