Top tips to use the Rich Text Editor

Rich Text Editor (RTE) is the box you use when you are loading or updating your content. We have recently upgraded this box so it loads a lot faster than it used to and also looks a lot better.

Here's some of our top tips for using the RTE:

1. Full screen view - If you want to view the Editor in full screen you, click the 'Maximise' icon maximise.jpg, which will increase the size of the box making it easier for you to view your content. If you want to go back to the normal view which includes other content editing categories, click the same icon and it will take you back to that view.

2. Always paste as plain text. When you are copying and pasting text, always use the 'Paste as plain text' function . This function makes sure that any formatting you carry from your old document is removed so your text is consistent with your website styling. Once you have pasted it in plain text, you can play around with the heading styles and formatting the content. This way you make sure that there is no foreign code in your website, which could potentially break the design, for example missing components or links turning up in a different colour.

3. Use 'Normal' style for your paragraphs. Once you have pasted your content as plain text, select the entire text and choose the 'Normal' style from the paragraph format box . This will make sure that your entire copy has consistent spacing. Once you have changed everything to 'Normal', you can choose heading styles for each of your headings.

4. Take care when using tables on a page. Often, web pages can be quite messy when table properties are not set properly. When you go to insert a table, a box will pop up with a number of setting options and it can be confusing as to what to choose for these settings. We have written an article to help you insert, edit and delete a table

5. Always set 'Alt' text when you upload an image to your web page. Images are a big part of any web site so it's important to make sure that they look great, load fast and are also search engine friendly. Once you have uploaded the image you want using the 'Image' buttonImage upload tool for Zeald website, make sure that you describe what the image is in the 'Alt' box. Doing so will ensure that the screen reading software which is used by visually impaired visitors will detect that there is an image on your website and it will read your 'Alt' text out loud so the visitor knows what's on the entire page. Google and other search engines also use this text to find images, so it can help with your SEO. It's also always good to give a certain about padding for your images by entering a number in 'Space' region of the image manager (between 5 and 10) because this will give your image sufficient padding so it doesn't stick to the words on your page.

If you are unsure as to how to go about adding and editing images for your website and need some detailed information, we have written a few articles on how to insert images using Rich Text Editor, how to select the right images for your web site and how to lay them out perfectly.