Directory Advertising

We have already covered some of the free directories earlier; but there are a number of major online commercial, local directories that receive substantial traffic. They are:
  • Yellow Pages (
  • UBD (

Each of these commercial directories charges a fee to have your company listed as part of their directory.

Yellow Pages

The online Yellow Pages ( offer you a number of different listings to complement your basic online and paper-based Yellow Pages directory listings:

Website Link

  • $20+GST p/month

  • $15+GST p/month – Priority 1 Upgrade.

Shop Site Link

  • $25+GST p/month

  • $15+GST p/month – Priority 1 Upgrade.

The Yellow Pages also offers banner advertising on a Pay-Per-Impression model.  Talk to your local Yellow Pages representative to discuss their options.



UBD is one of New Zealand’s largest and most popular business directories.  There is both a print based and online version of the directory.  Both versions allow you to list your website address and the online version also links directly through to your website.

There are three basic options for listing on the UBD website.

  • Basic Listing – (Company name, address, phone, fax, e-mail, website) - $465 + GST per annum
  • Logo Listing – (Company name, address, phone, fax, email, website Company Logo) - $635 + GST per annum
  • Logo & Text Listing – (Company name, address, phone, fax, email, website, company logo 40 words of text) - $885 + GST per annum

UBD also has more advanced advertising options.  Talk to your local UBD representative to discuss further options.

Other local NZ directories or directory like sites that you might want to consider are.
  • Finda (
  • Trademe (
  • Ferrit (