This page provides information and statistics for your e-commerce website results. By default it loads the last 30 days, but you can view any range of dates so you can check how well your site performed today, last week or over the last year.

How many orders have we had?

This graph tells you how many orders are coming through your website. You can get more information for each day as you hover the mouse over that day e.g. you can see that on the 30th May there were 4 orders in total and 3 orders from returning visitors.

The power of using this graph is:
  • You can easily identify trends such as seasonal variation, weekends, improvement over time
  • It displays exact figures e.g. how does your website perform during the Christmas shopping period?
  • Because your data can be so seasonal the graph can end up looking like a series of crests and troughs. You can use the daily, weekly or 28 day average to smooth out the graph and get a better picture
  • This also includes orders made through the backend so if you refund a customer and then create a new order this data will not be lost.
  • Click and drag to see more detail for a certain date range. Zoom out again by clicking the View button on the top right corner.

How much money have we made?

This works the same as the orders graph, but shows you how much revenue you are making on each day. You can hover your mouse over a date to see how much $ is coming from new and returning visitors on a particular day. You can also select an area of the graph to zoom in on to see a period in more detail.
  • Follow how your revenue is trending and identify which periods you do well in and which you can improve
  • Target your promotions to capitalize when your trends are positive e.g. setting up a winter sale because your site performs best during the winter season

You can also see total revenue from orders and the average revenue per order. You should always be increasing your $ per order.
  • Encourage your customers to spend more each order by offering shipping deals e.g. “Spend $100 and get free shipping”
  • Offer free gifts when your customers purchase certain items
  • Add value for your customers and add free gift wrapping if they spend over a certain amount

You can drill into your reports for each month by clicking on “Orders by month” to view individual orders grouped by month. Don’t forget you can view this information under the orders tab.

Which items are the most popular?

This report gives your information about your top 10 most popular products that generate you the most money.
  • Lets you know which products you should promote
  • This tells you about the demand for your products or how promotions have gone.
  • Detailed stats on your top 10 product so you can see how much each item is contributing to total sales & total revenue and compare it to your other top items.
You can order the table by number sold, revenue and number of orders.  The table gives you more detailed stats about each product, such as how many visitors have clicked on the product, how many have been sold and the conversion rate.


Abandoned Cart

To see how well your site is performing it’s useful to see how many of your visitors are creating carts and how many carts are abandoned. Anytime one of your users adds some items to the cart and then leaves the website without making a purchase this is considered an abandoned cart.

With all this data at your finger tips you’re probably keen to start fine tuning your site and increasing your revenue. Check out our article on how to stop cart abandonement and fix leaks in your checkout that are costing you money.