April 2012 - Newsletter

We hope everyone had a great Easter Break! We are now well into 2012 and April always signals the beginning of a new financial year, which means we can look back at the business year that was and learn how to improve for this year. In this issue we look at making the most of what the new tax year brings; a new budget. With April Fool's Day at the beginning of the month we got thinking about pranks and how easily people get caught out by online scams - see if you are at risk.

Online threats – is your website at risk?

The internet is a marvelous thing. It has made the world a smaller place, changed the way we communicate information and indeed the way in which we live. However, without the right precautions, the internet can make us much more vulnerable to scammers and hackers.

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Make the most of your budget

Explore ways to operate more efficiently whether you’ve had a bumper 2012 or struggled through the year, it will help to improve your 2013 bottom line.

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How to improve your SEO using other peoples websites!

When deciding where to rank your website, search engines look at a lot more than just the website itself. If lots of people are linking to your website, search engines are more likely to rank your website higher up.

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Thanks and have a great rest of the (short) week,

The Team at Zeald