June 2012 - Newsletter

We hope you enjoyed your Queen's Birthday weekend break and the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. It was Zeald's birthday too, so we celebrated with a fabulous birthday cake made by one of our talented designers.

Put your hand up if you have ever made a typo in a document that seemed to go unnoticed until it was too late! Some mistakes will sneak through now and then but if you read our proofreading tips you are bound to make fewer mistakes.

Here at Zeald we are always making improvements to our services. One service that you might not know about, but could be really beneficial to your business is integration. Find out how you could save yourself some time and money by integrating your website with your software applications.

Proofreading Blunders - Costly and Embarrassing!


We are all guilty of making mistakes; especially when it comes to proofreading our work. Mistakes on your website can not only be embarrassing but cost you money too. To avoid embarrassing grammatical blunders on your website and in your promotional material take our advice and check, then double check your work.

Read our proofreading tips...

Integrate your Zeald Website with Popular Software

Here at Zeald we think that doing business online should make things easier, but if your website isn't communicating with your sales, marketing and accounting software then things may seem a lot harder than they should be.

Learn how more about website integration...


Link to More Than Just Home

It is important for Search Engine Optimisation that you have incoming links to your website from other webpages on the internet. Links give the search engine important information about your website, so the inbound link destination matters.

Tips to improve your SEO value...

Thanks and have a great week,

The Team at Zeald