Redirects are used where you want visitors to be redirected from one URL to another. 
The most common usage is to either provide a shorter URL or to redirect people who access an old URL.


Redirect visitors who have an old URL

You can use Redirects to redirect visitors who have access to an old URL (perhaps from a previous incarnation of your site) to the appropriate page on your Zeald website.

So for example, if you had a URL on your old website which was: 

and the relevant page on your Zeald site was just

Then in the Old URL path put: Company/Our History

in the New URL path put: History

Redirects are set up on the Redirects tab under the Content tab in Website Manager:


To add a new redirect click "New Redirect". 

You will be asked to enter the "Old URL" (ie the incorrect path you are redirecting from) and the "New URL" (ie the URL you are redirecting to).

Do not include +'s in your path names.


Create a shorter URL to an existing page

You can also use Redirects to create a shorter URL to an existing page on your Zeald website.
You can set this up under the Redirects tab (under the Content tab in Website Manager).

For example, if you had an existing URL

and wanted to use the shorter URL

Then in the Old URL path put: About Us/Meet the Team

in the New URL path put: Team