Important: The inventory functionality does not comprise or include an actual inventory management system!

Please note: The inventory functionality is not enabled by default; if you require this functionality within your Website, go to the Preferences Tab, Products, Inventory Control - to adjust the settings (select Yes from the dropdown box behind "Displays a message on not stock")

Important: If you change the Preferences, you must first update the inventory for all items. This can be done manually (see description below) or via the spreadsheet export/import

If you have options on your items, the inventory feature will only work if you have a B2B or Ecommerce+ website. The option inventory must be set manually within each item as the spreadsheet import/export will not be able to accommodate all the option variations

How to use the Inventory function

The purpose of the inventory functionality is to
  • enable the setting of an items’ status to out of stock
  • prevent the purchasing of out of stock items
  • enable the use of out of stock messaging
  1. Click on the Item list tab under the Items tab
  2. Select the item to view the inventory status, to do so click on the SKU of the item
  3. Click on the Inventory tab
  4. On hand: this is where you enter the amount of stock you have at the moment
    Stock info: You can select a message from the dropdown box to display when your stock reaches 0 here
    Out of stock message: If you want to display a different message, enter it in the textbox, ie. "No earbuds left"
    Your new message will be added to the available messages in the dropdown selector for future use, once you save.
  5. Click Save
  6. The out of stock message will display on the front end when the inventory for the product reaches 0.