Manage item images

When you create or edit an item you can add images to display on the item page. There are a number of ways to do this:

Primary item image

The primary item image appears as a thumbnail on the product category page and also as a larger image on the product page. Users can click on the thumbnail image to view the product page. The website manager will automatically generate the images for both these pages.
  • Clicking on the browse button
  • Select the image that you would like to upload from your desktop
  • When you save the item it will automatically upload the image, scale and optimise it so that it loads quickly on the page
This operation will create a thumbnail image for display on the product category page. It will store this image in the thumbs folder of you image manager.

It will automatically create an image for the product page and store it in the items folder of your image manager.

The original image will be stored in the originals folder.

Blurry item images:


Item images may look blurry in comparison to your original. This occurs when the website manager resizes your image. When it resizes it, it also automatically compresses the jpg to ensure the image loads quickly for the user.

If you are not happy with the quality of the item images, you can talk to the support team and ask them about turning up the quality on the auto resize and compression function of your website.

If you choose to do this, your images will take longer to load and you will need to re-upload each affected image.

If this is not satisfactory, you can opt to turn off the automated image resize / compression function and use specialist software such as Photoshop to resize and optimise your images.

This means you can manually create your thumbnail, item image and large image to the right sizes and control the jpg compression vs load time.

You should request this from our support team and an upload button will appear in the admin ofd your item pages for the Thumbnail image, the item image and the large image.

You will need to upload each image separately.

Large popup image

Repeat this operation if you would like to link your product image to a larger image. This will display in a popup window. The system will not resize or optimise the image so you should ensure the original image is the correct dimension and optimised to load quickly. We recommend an image width between 700px - 1200px.

Automated extra images

You can load more images for your product by following these steps:

  1. Edit the product and select the Extra images tab
  2. Click add new image
  3. Browse to find the extra image from your desktop
  4. Upload image
  5. Click save

This will add a column of images to the right hand side of your item page. When the user clicks on these images they will open in a popup image just like the large image. The thumbnail image will be automatically scaled to fit the column and will link to a copy of the original image. The system will not resize or optimise the image so you should ensure the original image is the correct dimension and optimised to load quickly. We recommend an image width between 750px - 1200px.

Item description images

You can of course add images to the description of your product using the Rich text editor.
Learn how to add images using the Rich text editor

Delete item images

If later on you would like to change the image, you  can upload a new one and save. If you would like to remove the image so that no image displays on your website, click the Delete button beside the image on the item edit page and then upload a new one.

This will not remove the images from the server. If you would like to remove them from your image manager you should open the image manager and find the image in each of the following folders Thumb, Item, Original and delete the image using the trash can icon.