Product access control (B2B) websites

Product access control is only available for E-commerce+ websites.

Product access control is not available by default on E-commerce websites. Click here to see how to get it for your E-Commerce website..

Product access control only works at an individual item level and you need to apply the access to each product separately

Once Product Access control has been enabled

1. In Website Manager, click into Edit Item
2. Click on the Access Control tab

3. Switch between
  • Anyone can see this item - default
  • Only specific customer groups can see this item. For all other users it will be hidden.

If you choose "Only specific customer groups can see this item" a list of available groups will drop down. Select one or as many customer groups as you wish to allow any customers in those groups to view the items.
Please don't forget that the customers will need to be in the correct group as well as being logged in view the items


Global access control

If you would like to apply access control to all items on your website, please contact the Zeald Support Team to set this up.

Global access control allows you to:
  1. Turn off all item pricing and buy now button for all items on the website for all users. It will instead display an enquire now button
  2. Allow only members to view pricing and purchase items from your website. This means the public who do not have a login to your website will only be able to enquire now and will not see prices. If a member logs into your website they will see prices for all items and be able to purchase them