Register & Install an SSL Certificate

An SSL Certificate creates an encrypted connection between your website and your customer. This connection allows information to be transmitted so hackers can’t steal the data “in transit” as it travels over the internet. An SSL Certificate also verifies that your website belongs to you and signals to your customers that this is a 'quality and secure site'. When the SSL is installed on your website, it displays a padlock and the https protocol in the browser address bar.

If your website is hosted with Zeald, Zeald can help register, install, host and renew an SSL Certificate for you.  SSL Certificate Register & Install service

If you already have your own SSL Certificate and your website is hosted with Zeald, Zeald can help  Install this for you. SSL Certificate Install Only service

If you are technical or have some experience working with SSL certificates and your website is hosted with Zeald, you can use our Portal to Register and install your own SSL certificate or Setup an existing certificate.
DIY SSL Certificate using Portal