Unassigned Items

There are two ways to see all items that are not currently assigned to a category:
  1. For older versions, The Unassigned Items folder.
  2. The Item List.  

Unassigned Items Folder

To see all the items that are currently not assigned to a category click on the Items tab and this will display the item tree by default. All the items that are currently not assigned to any category can be found in the Unassigned Items Folder (click on the plus icon to see a list)

Please note: If you delete a category, all the items that are assigned to this one category only will be moved to the Unassigned Items folder, they will not be deleted!

Learn how to assign items to other categories

Item List

You can find the unassigned item in the Item List tab under the ITEMS tab. 

Item List

Locate the item by entering the SKU, item name or keyword into the search box located at the top left corner of the Item list page.  This will refresh the page, listing items that contain only the name, the keyword, or the SKU of the item.  

Item list search bar