Store Locator

The Store Locator makes it easy for a business to promote multiple stores or stockists on their website, e.g. the Stockist locator on the website.


The Store Locator Content Collection feature makes it easy for a user to find the contact details of a physical store on a Google map, especially handy when trying to find the store that is nearest to your current location.


Business Benefits

  • > Improved customer service - makes it easy for users to find store contact details, open hours, what stores are available and near to their current location. This information saves customers time and money, and boosts loyalty.
  • > Reduces costs - makes it easy for clients to centralise their store information and saves the cost of staff answering the same question over and over “Where is the nearest place I can buy this and what are your open times?”
  • > Builds trust - promotes physical stores and stockists which builds trust with users knowing that there are multiple, physical stores up and down the country.
  • > Boost search engine rankings - uses Google Maps API to list & display the stores. This makes stores more visible and accessible to users which Google rewards

How it works

The Store Locator connects to the Google Maps API and allows the site admin to  configure options for multiple stores from within the Content Collection. The map displays on the website similar to Google Maps. It shows the location pin and the information of the store.

Users can hover their mouse over a pin location inside the map. The pin changes colour to black and the associated card is also highlighted in black.


When users click on a pin location a card opens next to the pin.


Users can zoom in and out within the Google map. When a user zooms out, the Store Locator shows a cluster of markers indicating the total number of stores in the area.


Setup a new Store Locator Content Collection on a ZEST website

Click on the ‘Content’ tab in the main menu of the admin.


Click on the ‘Collections’ tab in the secondary menu.


Click on the ‘Edit Store Locator’ button to add a new store location


Enter the contact details for each store location that you want to add then click Save.


Add the Store Locator Content Collection to the frontend

Go to the page you want to add the Store Locator in ‘Live Edit mode and click Add Component. Select the “Collection” Component.


On the Collection Settings page, select the Store Locator as the Collection Type then Save.