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Setup Payment Gateway

A payment gateway allows the secure transfer of credit card funds from users on your website to your bank account.  It also allows customers without a credit card to pay your directly via online banking using their Account2Account feature.  A Payment Express payment gateway allows you to process orders securely and be PCI Compliant.

Direct Payment Solutions (Payment Express) are the only certified gateway to have seamless connectivity for settlement into every New Zealand Bank, most major banks in Australia and selected banks in the UK, USA, Singapore and Pacific Islands. Payment Express has been providing payment solutions to Australian and New Zealand businesses since 1997.

Zeald has had a long relationship with Payment Express and is also a Premium Partner. This status enables us to provide our clients with favourable rates tailored to suit a range of needs and high levels of service.

Instructions for setting up a Payment Gateway with Payment Express

The steps to setting up a Payment Gateway with Payment Express is outlined here.