Setup other supported payment Gateways

Your E-commerce website can be enabled to accept credit cards via a 'payment gateway'. A payment gateway allows the secure transfer of credit card funds from users on your website to your bank account.

Your Electronic Merchant Account

Most Payment Gateways will require you to have an Electronic Merchant Account set up with your bank.
Many companies assume that their EFTPos merchant account can be used, but this is in fact incorrect as the merchant account for a Payment Gateway is different. Contact your bank for further details on costs and to apply.

Helpful links: Examples of Policies (terms and conditions, Privacy policies etc)

Supported Payment Gateways



Direct Payment Solutions (DPS) are the only certified gateway to have seamless connectivity for settlement into every New Zealand Bank, most major banks in Australia and selected banks in the UK, USA, Singapore and Pacific Islands. DPS has been providing payment solutions to Australian and New Zealand businesses since 1997.

Zeald has had a long relationship with DPS and is also a Premium Partner. This status enables us to provide our clients with favourable rates tailored to suit a range of needs and high levels of service.

Information on setting up DPS



PayPal is a good option for people who process a very low volume of orders. Features of this gateway method follow:

  • No minimum monthly fee. PayPal charges no monthly fees or setup fee, however they charge up to 3.4% of the transaction cost + $0.45 NZD per transaction.
  • With PayPal, you do not require a merchant account
  • However, the order process for customers using PayPal is more complex as PayPal prompts them to create a PayPal account during the order, which may result in a reduced conversion rate.
Learn more about setting up a PayPal payment gateway


Click on this link to set up Stripe for your website.

POLi Payments

The POLi payment system allows your customers to make an online debit payment to you using their own funds and Internet Banking. POLi Pricing
  1. Setup a POLi Merchant Account
    You can apply online for a POLi Merchant Account
  2. Purchase the POLi Service
    You can purchase the POLi service from the Zeald online store
  3. Zeald will complete the steps to get POLi payments active on your website
    The whole process will take approximately 5 working days.  You’ll receive details of your POLi Merchant account by email form POLi, as well as details of the POLi Console which provides full management and reporting functionality.


SwipeHQ is an online credit card processing solution, which lets you bill your customers anytime, anywhere with your mobile device.  
  1. Register a merchant account with SwipeHQ.  Just click the Get Started button, fill in the required fields, and follow the prompts.  
    Get started
  2. Wait for your account application to be approved.  
  3. Once the account has been approved, login to your Merchant Account.
  4. Go to Settings > Payment Notifiers.  
  5. Choose Send them to one of my defined web pages radio button, then set it to:[catalog_name]/payment_handler/x_op/final/payment_method/swipehq
  6. Make sure that the Pass back user_data parameter checkbox is ticked.
  7. Set the "Live Payment Notification (LPN)  url:" to:[catalog_name]/payment_handler/x_op/ipn/payment_method/swipehq
  8. Save the changes, then go to the API Credential Section.  Take note of the API Key and Merchant ID, then email it to your Zeald account manager.  
Once our team has setup your SwipeHQ account to you website and tested it out, you will receive a confirmation from our team.  

Other third party Payment Gateway options

  • ANZ E-Gate
  • WIPS Plus
  • Paystation (including pago)
  • Flo2cash
  • World Pay
  • Paypro
  • ProTX
  • eWAY Rapid 3.0


In addition to the above credit card payment gateways, we also support DPS account2account, which use a customer's online banking details to make payment directly from their bank account.

Each of these payment gateway solutions is different and many of them have a complex setup process. We cannot provide assistance with the setup process as these are third party providers. Please contact the Payment Gateway provider directly to set up an account. 

Once they have set up the account for you they will provide you with the set up instructions. Once these have been sent to you, please email with the following details:
  • The URL of the Zeald website you wish to install the Payment Gateway on
  • The payment gateway type you have selected (e.g. Flo2cash etc.)
  • The details provided to you by the Payment Gateway provider.  These will generally include a UserID (or 'Username') and a password.
For the setup of these gateways on your website, we charge on a time & materials basis, meaning that you will only be billed for the time it takes us to configure this for you. For more information on how long it will take please contact our Production team on 0508 932 748 ext 3 or

Please Note: Requirements outside of the standard order processing methods (order placed = card charged cost of order immediately) will be addressed on a case by case basis and may incur development charges eg. Token Billing, Auth Complete, Variable Billing and Credit Card storing.

What about other payment gateways that aren't listed here?

Worldwide, there are a very large number of different payment gateways, with new ones being created and failing continually.  Each of them uses a different system for communicating the order details and thus requires its own module to allow it to be used with an ecommerce system such as Zeald's.  One such example is Paymark, which requires API's to be installed on your website.  

Zeald attempts to support the most widely used of these payment gateways, but we cannot support them all out of the box.  If you have a specific requirement for a specific payment gateway then you can contact us for a customisation quote, although we don't recommend it  - for the simple reason that the cost of this customisation could never be recouped from any benefit you might receive from using an unsupported payment gateway.  For this reason we recomend that you look instead at using one of our supported gateways (we recommend DPS or Paypal)